Book Review: Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins-Reid

This is exactly the sort of thing that should be right up my alley, since it’s essentially a fictional rockumentary in book form.

However, there was nothing special to me about Daisy Jones or The Six. They read as a collection of stereotypes. Daisy is the most gorgeous woman in the world and at the same time the best singer in the world, but she also fits the “beautiful, broken girl” trope with her drug addiction, parents who didn’t really want her, and men who only wanted her for her body. Billy is the handsomest and most important because is, of course, the frontman of The Six, and that’s always how it works, right? It figures that when these two divas meet, they butt heads and eventually (for some indiscernible reason) fall in love. The other band members are the Quiet, Chill Bassist (I mean, bassists aren’t supposed to have a personality, right?); the Token Tough Girl (Karen, the pianist, who is actually one of the few people with any common sense); the Manly Man (the drummer); the Jealous-But-Loyal Younger Brother (Billy’s); and the SUPER Jealous Dude (one of three guitarists in the band whose toes keep getting stepped on by Billy). Throw in some Sleazy Managers, and you’ve got all the rock star movie ingredients.

The thing is, all of the main characters truly did have personalities of their own and didn’t read as caricatures, yet they still failed to transcend “types.” Furthermore, all of their lives combined don’t make for a groundbreaking story. All the drama between them is the same sort of stuff that happened to a bunch of different rock artists from the 1970s. I would much rather read or watch a documentary about a rock band that exists in real life, whose music I’ve listened to and whose story I’m already invested in. I still gave this book a decent rating because even though it didn’t wow me, I was entertained. It was also my first audiobook and hearing it read by a full cast of characters really brought those characters to life.

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