Book Review: Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Ohhhhhhh, I had so much hope for this one. A witch’s apprentice? A historical seaside setting? A romance with a creature that hasn’t been used before? I was all “Count me in!”

But here’s the reality of the situation:

  • Bridey, the heroine, lacks any charisma; she is a snob, and the witch she is apprenticed to describes her as “strong,” even though she does not show it until the end of the story.
  • Her romance with Fynn might be the quickest-developing romance I have ever read, ever, so that also lacks charisma. There was a completely unnecessary love triangle, too.
  • The writing itself feels distant and insincere, and I’m pretty sure it’s a case of the author being unable to put into words what she really wants to portray.
  • Despite all the deaths, the plot never really felt urgent or high-stakes.

Still, I was mildly entertained and there were times when I could really picture the unique setting of the Isle of Man, and the novel didn’t piss me off enough to merit a one-star rating. I wish I had more to say about this, but I’m mostly just disappointed.

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