Book Review: In Your Room by Jordanna Fraiberg

Okay, here’s what I was expecting:
A girl stays in a boy’s room. That boy stays in this girl’s room. They never interact throughout the entire summer. The only means for them to fall in love are each other’s rooms, belongings left behind, and interpersonal relationships. Then they have a magical meeting at the end, and it’s the start of something beautiful.
Maybe I’m a sucker for impossible love stories. That does seem like it would be kind of a hard novel to pull off, but I was so excited thinking that was what was going to happen. I suppose I was being unrealistic, but I still expected a better story for a book that had, at the time, an average five star rating on
I kind of wondered while reading it how Charlie and Molly’s story was that much different from an eHarmony love story. Nothing too incredible there.
Also, even though I was convinced of Charlie’s feelings for Molly, I wasn’t entirely convinced that he wasn’t just a stereotypical scumbag teenage boy. I mean, I know, he’s a guy, maybe this is a realistic characterization for a guy, blah blah blah, but for someone who initially seemed deep and different, he was a disappointment. Of course he hooked up with Molly’s narcissistic Barbie friend, Celeste. Way to score, Charlie! How unpredictable!
It greatly affected his likability for me. Also, when Molly found out about Celeste and Charlie kissing, Celeste’s little e-mail to Molly in Charlie’s favour about how “nothing happened between us” was bull. Celeste and Charlie were practically dating all summer. I often felt like I was reading their mediocre non-love story.
Then end dropped off way too quickly. Maybe the author or the editor or whoever thought that it was a cinematic, romantic ending, but it felt too short and easily tied up, and it was a bit pathetic, honestly.
The book was a light, entertaining read, but I can’t say I recommend it when there’s so much other good stuff out there.

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